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GELC A Ball Memo

Greater Edmonton Lacrosse Council Memo on “A” Division Changes

January 13, 2017



Regulation 1.04.01 as changed in the GELC regulations on November 22, 2016


                        If an association does not have an A team, players from that association may be sent to try out in the designated try out zone for that Association. The designated zone.

a)     Zones for A division play are as follows:

(i)     Titans/Raiders

(ii)   Rebels/Wizards/Rams

(iii)  Posse/Rock/Blues

(iv)  Crush/Warriors


b)     Any disagreement or exceptions will be resolved by the Board of Directors of the GELC. All decisions will be final and not eligible for appeal.


c)     If cut by the A team in their zone the player reverts back to the home club for placement.


d)     A evaluations must be concluded by the third (3rd) Sunday of March yearly.


e)     Remaining evaluations must be completed by the first Sunday in April.


f)      Any Association within a zone may host an A team as long as they have a lower division team.


g)     The zones mentioned above are for the purposes of “A” ball and have no relationship to girls divisions play.


( amended November 22,2016)



Dear GELC Members,


 The GELC board of directors with careful consideration to the ongoing desire to improve Lacrosse in the Greater Edmonton area and with consideration to comments made in local clubs, the GELC A intent regulation has been removed and replaced with the regulation above.


For 2017 this means the following:


Players will be required to register in their local club.

Tryouts for A divisions teams will be held in the zone in which their club is associated with.





The Zone will be required to host at minimum a pee wee, bantam and midget team a team.

All players in the zone will be given equal opportunity to try out for a zone A team.

If a zone has enough players to make more than one A team, the try outs will be held together.

If there is more than one team in a zone the A players from the hosting teams in the zones will be required to play on their home clubs A team.

The players from the Association not hosting the team will be placed as required on either of the teams being created as determined by the zone.


For Example

At pee wee

Club 1, 2, and 3 are a combined zone


Club 1 and 3 have enough players in accordance with the GELC Tiering chart to make 3 teams each, and will be making an A team, players from club 2 will be at the evaluations and tryouts and placed on one of the two teams as required by the Zone.


Clubs hosting the A teams will be determined by the members of the zone.

Zones were created with geography and team numbers to determine a good balance in player numbers in each of the four zones created to create the best number of teams.


Should a player not be selected to play on an A team, they will be placed at the appropriate level in their home club.  There will not be transfers made to other zones of players cut by their zone. Players not selected to the Zone A teams will be placed in their home club on B, or C level teams.


Should there be a need to amalgamate players at a B or C level to create a team it would be done within the described zones as well. This would only occur should a club have not enough players to form a team in a specific division, or a team at any division


For Example

Club 1 has 6 pee wee players registered they have nowhere to play in their club they would be placed on a team within the zone the club is assigned too where ever possible.


Please note at this time no girls divisions are impacted by the described zones and girls will not necessarily be amalgamated in the same zone structure.


Any disputes not resolved within the zone will be brought to the GELC Board of Directors for resolution.


Posted on 01/21/2017

Registration is open

Registration is open for the 2017 season!

Please see our Registration Page for more details, including age categories, cost, and the link to the registration page.
Posted on 01/10/2017

Looking for a Facilities and Scheduling Coordinator

The St. Albert Rams Association is looking for someone to fill the position of Facilities and Scheduling Coordinator.

In this volunteer role you will be responsible for:

  • Attending all Rams Club board meetings, as well as meet with the St. Albert Community Services Branch to advocate for the sport's (club's) requirements.
  • Schedule the use of all arenas and floor time via the creation and communication of a functional practice schedule to all teams and members.


The expected time required to fulfil these obligations is understood to approximately be 40 - 50 hours. This time is mainly, with the exception of scheduled meetings, very flexible.


Please respond by January 21, 2017 if you are interested.

Please contact Ron Simpson


Glen Cuming
Posted on 01/05/2017

Coach Of The Year

The St. Albert Rams Lacrosse Association is proud to offer its congratulations to Martin Gauthier, winner of the GELC Coach Of The Year Award for 2016!  Well done Martin!

Coach of the year - Martin Gauthier presented by Sean Aggus 2016 - Cropped

Posted on 12/06/2016

Fall and Winter Drop In Lacrosse


Interested in lacrosse? Want to get involved, try it out, or let your child try? Now's your chance!

Our Fall Drop In Sessions will start OCTOBER 17, 2016 and run until NOVEMBER 27, 2016 on Monday nights at Servus Place.

Our Winter Drop in Sessions will start DECEMBER 5, 2016 and run until February 27, 2017 on Monday nights at Servus Place.

The floor times will be from 1800 until 2100.  The session for each age group will be as follows:
  • 6pm - 7pm Mini-tyke and Tyke (3 years - 8 years)
  • 7pm - 8pm Novice and Peewee (9 years - 12 years)
  • 8pm - 9pm Bantam and Midget (13 years - 16 years)

Please note, these drop in sessions are sanctioned by the ALA.  That means if you haven't played lacrosse before, you must complete a registration form and waiver.

The cost of each session will be $10.00 per person.

Note:  There are no sessions Oct 31, 2016,  Dec 26, 2016.
Posted on 10/05/2016

Jeremy Richardson award recipient

Congratulations to Nisreen Akl, 12 years old from Chestemere, Alberta, this year's recipient of the Jeremy Richardson award.  She plays for the Calgary Knights Bantam Girls.  Nisreen was selected for this award because of her work ethic and positive attitude both on and off the floor.  Well done Nisreen and good luck with the rest of the season.

2016 JRM Recipient
Posted on 06/12/2016

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