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Analysis of the test results, the combustion characteristics, element composition analysis and heat value of domestic mont Blanc Quebec waste in Shanghai city shows that: the particle mont Blanc Pens Toronto size for garbage 40~120 content mm mont Blanc Pens Canada maximum, the average mass fraction of test is about 43.5%; followed by the size Mont Blanc Pens of 8~40 mm garbage, the average mass fraction was about 34.9%; the particle size is greater than 120 mm about 15.7%, less than 8 mm is about 5.8%. Organic matter content is high, accounting for about 65%, and the high water content, low calorific value, not suitable for incineration; combustible materials (plastic, paper, textiles, packaging, wood) mass fraction is about 30%, low moisture content, high calorific value, suitable for incineration. Therefore, Shanghai city life garbage treatment should not be used in a single way, must be conducive to the comprehensive treatment of waste of resources.. In recent years, with the rapid development of highway construction, a variety of new pavement materials for asphalt pavement, due to the original material to change, the corresponding construction process has changed. Asphalt mastic macadam mixture (Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) is a composed of asphalt, fiber stabilizer, slag and a small amount of fine material of asphalt mastic lipid binding material to fill the gap gradation of coarse aggregate skeleton gap and the composition of asphalt mixture. In national highway 201 chicken Mudanjiang line Chaihe extension project successfully used modified asphalt SMA surface cover, at present this kind of pavement after put into use really is a reflection of the than the ordinary asphalt concrete is more superior to road performance, such as mont Blanc Pens Price heavy rut deformation low volume, better high-temperature stability, anti deformation capability and better waterproof anti slide performance and low temperature performance good..

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